Line Type Vacuum Suction Cup

Sagafirst suction caps are specially design for handling different kinds of glass panels, heavy iron plate, metal plate etc with narrow width

                                                                                      Line Type Vacuum Suction Cup


400kg capacity,with 4pcs of suction cups.It’s mainly used for thin glass or other panels with narrow width.

Features & Advantages


1.Sealed cover for components protection,safe and reliable. Usually copperated with bridge crane to use in glass deep processing and handling job, or with cantilever crane to use in glass curtain wall installation job .

2.Adjustable type, can be changed the position of the suction cup to absorb glass of different shapes and sizes (also can be customized according to the glass size)

3.Manually rotated 360° , with locking facility at each 90°.and tiltable 90°manually, but taking and releasing by electric.

4.Adopt American THOMAS vacuum pump and high quality maintenance-free battery, no need the air source or power supply during use.

5.Japan Panasonic digital display vacuum pressure switch , battery fuel gauge, clearly monitor the safty use.

6.With vacuum pressure auto supply system, during handling glass, ensure the whole vacuum system maintained at a relatively constant safety pressure value

7.Equipped with the power-cut but pressure-keeping device and alarm device. If power failure accidently,the pressure-keepping function can extend the handling time and make the use safer.

8.Equipped with 12V backup battery, can be replaced in time to ensure the progress of the project. suitable for the installation of sandwich panels up to a weight of 750 kg or a length of 12 meters. The vacuum lifter is also equipped with a single- or dual-circuit safety system,and the wireless radio remote control for optional. The battery has a charging time of about six hours, after which you can work with it all day without problems.



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